Problems In The Outsiders

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Everyone faces problems at some point in their life; some more than others. In the novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, it shows that both Socs, the affluent, and Greasers, the poverty-stricken, have problems. However, using the novel and two other sources, “Alarming Number of Teens are Quitting School to Go to Work,” and “A Generation Struggling: Rich Kids are Losing,” an observation can be formed on the Greasers, Socs, and the similar and different struggles each of them have to face.
First, poverty can be a serious problem especially to the youth. To begin with, in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, the Greasers have to fight to survive (Hinton 4-6). This shows how rough the Greasers have it. This is all due to the fact that they are below the poverty line. In addition, according to the article “ Alarming Number of Teens are Quitting School to Go to Work,” “Teenagers drop out of high school for all sorts of reasons... for some low-income students, the decision to leave is purely economic,” (para. 1). This shows
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Randy (a Soc) talks to Ponyboy (a Greaser) about Bob whose parents spoiled him and never said no to him which led to his death (Hinton 116). This shows that because of his parents wealth, Bob had other people to take the blame for his actions and that made him think what he did was okay. Which also shows no one set a limit for him which in turn got him killed. Furthermore, in the article “A Generation Struggling: Rich Kids are Losing,” “Substance abuse, including hard drugs, may be higher in this privileged group as they binge-drink and use marijuana at rates higher than their matched peer group who are less well-funded,” (para 4). This shows that affluent youth are more likely going to use drugs because they can afford them. This can lead to them becoming addicted which can lead to even more problems. Being rich can have its ups and downs since no one can hide from the difficulties that come with
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