Problems Mark Watney Face In The Martian

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In this essay I will discuss three of the many problems Mark Watney faces in the Martian. The first major problem Watney faces is getting stranded and wounded on Mars. The second problem Watney faces is how he is going to survive on mars till help can come. The final problem he faces is how is he going to get to the Ares, so he can leave Mars. The first problem Mark Watney face on Mars is getting injured and becoming stranded on Mars. I feel this is the most significant problem because the emotional and physical toll it has on Watney. He gets impaled by a communication rod while trying to leave. When he makes it back to the HAB he has to doctor his own wound and staple it shut. While he is healing and preventing infection. I don’t think at first, he fully understood the emotional strain of being alone. As the movie progresses you start to see emotional toll it has on him. With being left behind he has to make a decision “I’m not going to die here”. He then starts trying to figure his way out of the problems he’s facing on mars.…show more content…
The HAB where he is staying is only made to last 31 days. So, to quote Watney “I am going to science the ---- out of it, good thing I’m a botanist”. He thinks he has solved his problem when he decides to grow his own food by using potatoes and his own waste. That is till he blow up the HAB and kill all his plants that were going to help him make it till help could arrive. This was a huge set back making it almost impossible to make it to sol 868. After he blow up the HAB he has to think and figure out how to fix the HAB. Without the extra food as well, he has to ration more so he can survive long enough for help to
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