Problems Of Cheating In Education

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Learning plays an important role in the development of people. It can be seen that any nations focusing on people are willing to invest a lot of money in education because a good education system will form good character, which contributes to society and vice versa. However, an existing problem that many educators have to face is cheating on tests in academic institution. Nowadays, this wrong behavior occurs with high frequency, causing unfair assessment of students’ ability and unforeseen consequences in the future. Moreover, it is not just the affair of a student with a teacher but is problem of the whole society. It needs the joining hands of everyone in community.
Cheating on tests is an academic dishonesty in the exam time to get high grades instead of putting effort to learn. Some forms of cheating on tests are copying friend’s task or using cheat sheet. Nowadays, along with the development of technology, cheating on tests is more complicated and difficult to identify than before with various forms by using mobile phone, MP3 player or headphone. It can be seen that cheating on tests is a popular problem in many places, not only at the local level but also a matter of national stature. Moreover, it does not just happen in the lazy student, but also in the excellent students. According to William M. Chace in the article “A Question of Honor”,“The Josephson Institute of Ethics sampled more than 40,000 public and private high school students and found that three-fifths of

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