Problems Of Interdepartmental Communication

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I totally agree to this statement that poor inter-departmental communication constitutes a significant problem for the effectiveness of an organization.
Interdepartmental communication pertains to the communication or exchange of messages inside the bounds of various departments within an organization. All interdepartmental communications are usually formal in nature. Effective communication can be done via imparting a clear and complete message which further helps in high synchronizing among the members of an organization. On the other hand, ineffective communication leads to perplexity, complication, dispute, disagreement or quarrel within the members of the organization of same or different departments.
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Any improvisation in one department would directly affect the functioning of other related department. Ineffective interdepartmental communication can simply create complete confusion and disorder within the company which may lead to de-motivation among the employees and may also result in the lack of trust and respect among the departments. Whenever there is a breach in communication among various departments it apparently means that there was a gap in communication.
1. According to ( David Conrad, June 2014 ) miscommunication or poor internal communication may lead to most of the work place problems. The main issue is passing of wrong information or passing partial information to the employees within the organization either of the same department or different departments. Most of the time employees generally tend to not to transfer the correct information because of certain reasons such as personal problems or conflicts between two
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According to ( M. Laura Frigotto • Alessandro Rossi ) another problem in interdepartmental communication is diversity and communication in teams. An increase in workplace diversity has produced a task or challenge to the employees in the organization. It is no longer the case, where in organizations the people are all of same community due to cultural diversification globally people are attracted more towards the international market, which means in all the organizations there will be people of diversified cultures and ethnicity. It becomes bit difficult and tricky in certain cases to deal with the problem of cultural diversity so in this case direct communication based on hierarchical structure is sidelined and more focus is generated towards peer interactions. To solve this issue we should look into the core of the problem and then examine what kind of communication and interaction diversity is faced among the employees. After examining the communication problem, a set of people should be called up of different ethnicity and with different and unique capabilities who can find the solution and solve the demanded problem of the organization and then they should focus on those problems and give the solution to the individuals who cope up with the difficulty which they are facing and hence forth help in the smooth functioning of the organization. The best remedy to solve this problem is that the educational institutions should focus more on international students exchange
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