Problems Of Language In English

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The English language is a global language and it is indispensable to all the nations to teach and make their citizens to learn English. If not, it would be difficult to cope with the developments that are taking place in the world. English has become a world language because the number of the people who use English as a means of communication is higher than the number of the people who speak it as their mother tongue.
In India the scenario of English is entirely different from the rest of the world; the country has been experiencing the influence of the language for more than three centuries. “English earns you social status in our country, even after British rulers left India. No indigenous language, however, has come up to replace English,
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However, the Tamil Medium students who have undergone the courses are not able to communicate effectively in the language even after completing their degree. The reasons are many. Prakasam.V. (2011) explains the problems of learning English in India: “In India it is not the language of our being or identity. It has come to be the language of doing, language of academics and the language of recognition. It is learnt, not really ‘acquired’ from ‘the days of being in the womb’. English is heard everyday all around us, but English does not help us ‘socialize’ or ‘mature’ within our ‘experience’. It helps us ‘grow’ outside our ‘inner circle’. In spite of all our efforts, we cannot really get many ‘coordinate bilinguals’ with our academic or professional exposure to English. The point of reference will always be a native variety of English. That’s why I call English National Foreign…show more content…
Teachers should not ignore or neglect any part of their class. They should not cater to the needs of any one particular section of their class. So, they teach only in general tone and expressions. Focusing on one group of students will disturb the other set of students, which might result in developing complexes and jealousies among them. The English language teachers face many difficulties in maintaining the status-quo. Some time the English medium students get bored when the teacher tries to explain the basics of grammar for the betterment of Non- English medium students, the teacher fails while assuming that all the students knows the basics. Since the students do not prefer English to converse with others they lack the vocabulary and speaking

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