Problems Of Poverty In Malaysia

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Nowadays, although Malaysia was believed to be one of the developing countries where it is moving towards improvement encompasses in many things, Malaysia still cannot run from the poverty problems. As a non-developed country yet, poverty was one of the main problems that hold us from competing with other developed countries. Poverty is defined when a person cannot fulfil his or her basic needs, such as clothes, shelter, foods, education as well as health. Poverty can give a big impact especially in the field of education. In this millennia era, people need to have money as to gain an education and proper knowledge. So, the poor one who does not have enough money for living will be left out from the crowd. Education is really important for people especially when they are young. Kids need to be exposed with proper education since their young ages as to assured for a better nation and better citizens in the future. Does not matter either the kids are rich or poor, education was one of the needs in human life. Poverty in Malaysia lead to poor education among the children and it is therefore important for governments to tackle the issue and prevent from the children to be ignored and left out.
The child from the poor family might face a hard time in their early life. Children in poverty are more likely to have negative experiences and feel ignored by the teachers (V.V. Chandran & C. Geetha, 2009). This is because, when compared to the other kids, the children in poverty were

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