Why Plagiarism Is Bad

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Why isn’t it enough to just copy and paste in an assessment even if you reference your source

1 Introduction; what is Plagiarism?
[The Oxford English Dictionary tells us that the word 'plagiarism' derives from the Latin plagiarius, meaning 'kidnapper'; the plagiarist is the kidnapper of others' ideas, writings, and inventions. Kidnapping is always a premeditated crime - always a sin of commission rather than omission. Kidnappers do not accidentally kidnap, nor do they kidnap through sloth, ignorance, or lack of confidence. Can the same be said of student plagiarists? The hypothesis upon which this paper is based is that while some cases of student plagiarism do constitute outright premeditated cheating and should be penalized accordingly,
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This ethical code of conduct describes the values such as one should avoid cheating or plagiarism; one should maintain the academic standards; honesty and integrity in research work and academic publications including thesis, presentations, assignments etc. Majority of educational institutions practice academic integrity across the world, furthermore academic integrity is taught in ethics classes and is included in course syllabuses. In spite of rigorous efforts, still academic cheating id widely practiced almost every institution in the world.
3 What are the common Types of Plagiarism?
Following are the cheating and plagiarism preferences in order of their severity as judged by instructors various university themselves. Definitions are given below are as the Turnitin report describes. ( is one of the popular plagiarism check web site offering world class plagiarism check software)
1. CLONE / Word-for-Word: An act of submitting another’s work, also known as word-for-word copy, as one’s own.
2. CTRL-C / Full Document: A written piece of work in which significant portions of text is used in one’s own work taken from a single source without
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5 Common Ways to Avoid Plagiarism
It is not very much difficult to find relevant information an assignment but it’s not so easy to add the relevant information in the assignment without avoiding the plagiarism.
There are some very easy and common ways by which one can easily avoid plagiarism. By following these simple tips when writing an assignment, one can be sure that his assignment is free of plagiarism.
Common Ways to Avoid Plagiarism
1. Paraphrase – When you get the relevant information to your topic and which covers most of the subject area of your assignment, it is advisable to read it carefully and translate it into your own words. It is to make sure that there must not be more than two or three words be repeated in a row from where the original idea is taken from the source document. If you use more than two or three words repeated together in a row, quotation marks should be
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