Problems Of The Gilded Age

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The Guilded age was a period of wealth and improvement which was used to cover up poverty and corruption inside the united states. Eventhough there were lots of improvements, not only in technology but also in society, there were lots of problems. Problems such as corruption and poverty. As time went on people started to realise this problems and some got improved, but others didn’t. This gilded age was a problem. People in the government and in business. When the transcontinental railroad was being constructed by the credit mobilier company, money that was destinated to the transcontinental railroad went into federal official’s pockets and credit mobilier’s pockets, instead of going into the transcontinental railroad company. Another way…show more content…
The most notable improvements were in technology. Most of this technological advances were in transportation, like subways or cars, but the best techological improvement was the abillity to build higher buildings and tenements. With this improvement camed the dumbbell tenements which improved the way of living of tenements with more ventilation, light and space, but life in the tentment was still dangerous. The tentment changed more when Jacb Riis published pictures of the lifestock of poor people. People started to realise how bad that life stack was and they decided to help. Government put minimum requirments for a tentment and improved police and the fire department. Society helped in other way. Jane Addams and Ellen Gates created the Hull House that helped poor people in several ways. Eventhough the government was corrupt, it aported to key businesses by the subsidy. This helped economy by making a higher production of goods. This subsidy also went to improve the infrastructure of the city. For example with railraods. When Harrison was chosen for the precidency he choosed to have the taxes over imported goods increased. By doing this he won support because this helped not only the business men but the country in general. Since people stopped importing and started buying what the united states produced the state won more money. The spoil system was a big issue of corruption in the guilded age. It often hold a battle between the two political parties. Hayes stopped this spoil system. He hired qualified government officials and fired the useless ones, he didn’t care from what party they were, he only cared for the government working properly. During the guilded age immigration played a big role in the improvement of the United States. The immigration affected the economy in two positive ways. The first way was that the government won more money in taxes sience there were more people in the
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