Problems Of Urbanization In India

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ABSTRACT: One of the major sectors of the Indian economy is Construction and also is an integral part of the development of Indian economy. There is an increase in the demand for housing in India as it has the second largest urban population in the world. This increase in demand has become a problem and to deal with this problem India should plan for rapid creation of housing units and acquisition of land. The complex process of construction basically involves the areas of Architectural planning, Engineering & Construction. For large housing projects, speed should be given greater importance. This leads to the reduction in the housing cost and is also essential for the faster turnover of equipment. Fortunately, some of the advanced technologies…show more content…
Further, the number of houses built in any country could be another index. Due to the rapid growth of population and urbanization in India there has been a rapid growth in demand of housing, the speed thereof has not kept pace with the rapid growth of population and urbanization. As a result, the shortage of accommodation is increasing continuously, especially in urban areas. The traditional mode of construction for individual houses would be totally inadequate for mass housing construction industry in view of the rapid rate of construction. It is necessary to have innovative technologies capable of fast rate construction for undertaking mass housing works and are able to deliver good quality and durable structure in cost effective manner. Several systems are adopted at different places in the world. One technique which is gaining popularity due to is low cost and time effectiveness is Aluminium…show more content…
To reduce the total cost of construction.
3. To improve the quality of construction projects.
1. It ensures consistence of dimensions.
2. On removal of mould a high quality concrete finish is produced to accurate tolerances and verticality.
3. Total system forms the complete concrete structures.
4. Custom designed to suit project requirements.
5. Unsurpassed construction speed.
6. Panels can be reused up to 250 time
1. Because of small sizes finishing lines are seen on the concrete surfaces.
2. Concealed services become difficult due to small thickness of components.
3. It requires uniform planning as well as uniform elevations to be cost effective.
4. Modifications are not possible as all members are caste in RCC.

Sayantara, Ahmednagar is based on conventional formwork construction. Total numbers of flats in Sayantara are 20 and total number of floors are 5. Out of 5 floors, 3 are of 1BHK flats and 2 are of 1RK flats. G+4 storey building is constructed. Total area for 1 floor is 1775 sq feet. 4 flats are constructed on each floor. Formwork design is for 1 floor only. After completion of first floor, same is going to repeat for next

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