Problem With Democracy

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In the 21st century we have many states and countries embracing a spectrum of political ideas who are adopting a range of different political structures. Needless to say that some of these political views and ideas do not agree on certain things in a certain way, and hence we have people all over the world dissatisfied with a certain political structure, advocating another idea and school of thought in contrast; hence giving rise to the political spectrum. The political spectrum as we know it has two extremes, the right and the left. Both which have contrasting remedies on existing problems are also called the conservatives and the progressives and the liberals. However popular the leftist ideas might be with the younger population of a certain…show more content…
Democracy which is vastly celebrated, even to an extent where certain states have attempted to spread the idea through imperialism has not been practiced by any country in its purest form. Unless we count the case of ancient Athens which was not a country but a city state, and also women and slaves were excluded from the political process. What we call democracies today are actually a result of a number of revolutions and political thought that happened mostly in the west between the 17th and the 20th centuries. However there are many problems with these ideas of…show more content…
And as democracy predicts, the majority was successful. There is an interior problem that we need to carefully distinguish from our thesis statement. It is the building of institutions like the government, the constitution and the legal system on belief systems. It can be studied even better with the states in the Middle East which are practicing Islamic states, and all their institutions are founded on the Islamic belief system. Religions all over the world constitute belief systems, and the freedom to believe whatever one wants as long as it does not interfere with the rights of another is a right and even a privilege in a free society. Consider however different religions which do not agree on certain beliefs and ideas, you should still be free to believe whatever you want. But what tells us is that it is unstable to build governments on belief systems. Better put forth by the famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson ‘institutions such as the government, economy systems, legal systems and the constitution should be built on objectively verifiable truths on which we can all

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