Problems With Old People Essay

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This is a research task in which we am going to deal with problem titled “How should society deal with the problems of older people“. In this task I have included the problems old people face nowadays and their causes with the multiple consequences of these problems.
This project was to investigate problems fac
We have taken interview in several old age homes where we have asked old people to know their perspective and how they feel to be sent to old age homes. I will include my personal perspective, national perspective, and global perspective while talking about the issue. I will cover the following topics- Problems, Causes, Consequences and My solution to the problem.

Old age people are the people who age from about 65 and more as per World Health Organisation
Old age people face many many problems in this generation. Nowadays people like to live in nuclear families and want privacy instead of living in
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People like privacy and they start living in nuclear families leaving their parents behind or sending them to old age homes. They treat their parents as if they don’t care about them whereas all their parents have done for them is intense care and love. This is injustice to old people. They have invested great amount of time and money in their children but they are not getting payed back.
National Perspective
Nationally countries should take into consideration this very important issue and take concrete steps to make a better life for old people. They should make government old age homes providing proper services and create a law of the old people to be provided with a certain sum of money by either government or by his/her children so that they could manage a peaceful retired life.

Global Perspective
Globally all countries should make steps to make a suitable and worthy solution to this problem and work together to provide proper lifestyle to old people of the

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