Problems With Standardized Tests

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I do pretty bad in those tests and quizzes because questions are sometimes hard and I don 't understand them. I consider myself a bad test taker because I feel like I don 't study the way I am supposed to be studying. I have always been a bad test taker. I do good in some tests but do bad majority of the time. I prepare for a test like that by reviewing questions. I sometimes don 't study because I feel that I am going to know everything that is on the tests. I do best on simple questions that I study for. I don 't really do well on questions that I didn 't study for the night before. I struggle a lot on questions that are word problems because I sometimes don 't know how to set up a math problem or something. Word problems in algebra have always been very hard for…show more content…
I think that standardized tests are very hard sometimes because I sometimes don 't understand a problem that is being asked. I think that students take those tests so that they know what they need to learn and what they already know. I think that students also take those tests so that teachers could know what to teach and to see how much students know. One problem there is with those tests is that they sometimes have questions that I have never seen before. Another problems is that they might also be too hard. I think that a students gets placed in one class because of the results. They might also learn the things they didn 't understand on the test. If I could change the tests, I would make the questions at least a little bit easier, not too easy though. Those tests are useful because they say how much a student has
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