Problems With Stress In Students

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Stress is a normal psychological and physiological reaction. At present, with rapid development of technology, the times are changing. Therefore, people need to face the stress form all sides in life. Freshmen are a typical group, which are under different stress, but stress is not necessarily negative for students. On the one hand, stress causes students to feel anxious and uncomfortable, even affecting their health. On the other hand, stress is also a motivation for students to finish important events. This essay will discuss some of the problems with stress from three aspects: study, independent life and interpersonal relationships. In addition, this essay will discuss the corresponding solutions for these problems, which causes stress,…show more content…
Therefore, new stress will appear. The stress of students can be roughly divided into three aspects. Firstly, the stress of study. This is a general and significant problem with new students. In the university, students must learn how to manage free time, and how to study by themselves. This is a process of turning passive learning into active learning, so students must finish the work independently before the deadline, and also must understand the new unfamiliar professional knowledge by themselves to read books or ask others for help. This is different from senior high school, but students must adapt to it. Secondly, the stress caused by face life alone. University means to leave the place which students feel familiar, and also means to live independently. There will be no parents remind students what should do and how to do, so students will face a large amount of the stress from life. Likewise, the undertake of responsibility, lack of money and planning of life. The last aspect is about stresses of interpersonal relationship. Going to university is the same as stepping on a great journey. However, leaving a familiar place and to face new friends and environment can be extremely difficult (Mcaleer, 2015). The “new” will make students feel stress because of a fear of the unknown. Although as a freshman they will face many stresses, there still have some ways to release…show more content…
Firstly, students should do planning to make sure to meet the deadline of events to avoid overlapping stresses. Secondly, it is necessary to keep the body full of energy. “Commit to a daily walk or other form of exercise-a small step that can make a large difference in reducing stress levels” (American Psychological Association, 2013). In addition to exercise, an adequate amount of sleep is also essential, because it will decrease stress hormone levels (Bradberry, 2014). Thirdly, learn to relax. When the students feel stress, it is a better choice to take a break, such as, listen to music, take a walk in a garden or even take a deep breath. If stress is very serious, students should take a vacation. Finally, remember to ask others for help. Stress will make a student feel anxious, and sometimes it is so strong that students cannot beat it. In this time, students should talk with friends, teachers or parents to release

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