Does Technology In Schools Cause Problems For Students?

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Technologies in school are causing problems for students instead more than benefiting them? Schools, technologies, and students are three components that causing many educators and writers to develop many argumentative articles about the effect of technology on students in school. These articles include an article from The Washington Post, “The problem with technology in schools”, an article from Teach Thought We Grow Teachers, “5 Problems With Technology In Classrooms”, another article from, “The Mercury News”, and a political cartoon posted by Joe N, 11th May 2014, “Technology in the Classroom”. Technologies are not helping students in school since it causes distraction, isolation, and it hurts their critical thinking and their ability to do homework. So the best option is to have school policies over technologies that was not school related and cut down on spending unnecessary time on technologies in classrooms unless needed.

Body Paragraph 1: Even though articles one and two are created by different authors, they both mentioned that Technologies are not helping students in school but instead causing distraction among students. To prove this, let's look what the the articles says. “Teachers are now forced to perform the “put that away, unplug that, please log off” dance every class period,
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But, if the plan went the wrong direction, it could cause major issues. Focusing too much on technology could be a absolute trouble. Like these quotes above illustrates, students are literally spending a lot of time in their day listening to music or using technologies and isolate themselves from the outer world. Not only that, the time between class periods is when people relax and communicate with their friends, not locking yourself through a screen. Technologies should be helping not separating students from education and
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