Xenophobia In America Essay

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Do you think the US has a problem with xenophobia? Many Americans today are pledged with xenophobia. According to Cambridge Dictionary, xenophobia is, “extreme dislike or fear of foreigners, their customs, their religions, etc.” (). Immigrants play a huge role in the American society; adding their cultures, skills, expertise and talents, making it what it is today. America is said to have a melting pot of cultures brought together from different nationalities obtained from different individuals from across the world. However, as a result of increasing crimes, violence and terrorism, people believe that all blacks are thieves or all Muslims are terrorists. The US does have a problem with xenophobia because they fear that immigrants want to take away their jobs, they discriminate against Muslim and they seek to place more restrictions on immigrants entering the country. Firstly, people fear that immigrants from other countries want to take…show more content…
People need to understand that the country could not be where it is without diversity of races. Immigrants are not trying to take anything from anyone; they are hardworking individuals seeking to live honest and fulfilling lives. A group of Muslims committed an indescribable act of terrorism years ago, however not all of them are terrorist. Immigrants are in search of a dream, which may be achieved with the resources and opportunity available in the US. Surely, there are a few bad apples among the lot, but in all that is good, there is bad. Immigrants are not responsible for gun violence, economic failure, or US’s intolerance for their fellow man. Xenophobia is still present in American society, because its citizens are unable to let go of the old ideas of isolation. It will cost a lot more to get rid of immigrants! How about putting all that time and resources to good use for America; come together as one, and make America great
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