Reflection: Creativity In The Classroom

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This chapter brings light to the importance of thinking about the content that you are planning to teach before actually making the choice on how you want to teach it. There are two types of knowledge introduced in this chapter: Declarative and procedural. Declarative is defined as three kinds of information: facts, concept, and principles. Procedural is known as to know or know about something, procedural knowledge refers to knowing how to do something. As a teacher, you are guided by district curricula and in the case of students with disabilities, individualized education programs also known as IEP. The guidelines are known as state standards and common core standards. That set goals for in content areas like reading, math, and arts describing what students will accomplish in each area.

I found this chapter very informative about the importance of thinking about the content area before planning. As a future teacher, I plan to teach students different learning skills such as test-taking skills, study skills, problem-solving and organization skills. By providing students with this information in advance as they continue their education they will be able to reflect back on the different learning skills. A part of being a teacher I am required to follow the guidelines of the standards provided for that grade level. I plan to use
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I think it is very important when utilizing groups to make sure that the group is made up of a balanced number of students. So in my classroom, I plan to allow students to pick random cards with group assignments on it. Allowing each group to be the correct size from three to six members. As a teacher, I will also keep in mind the importance of assigning each student a task to complete. A way that I will be able to monitor students' progress. I will also have students create a group evaluation sheet to hear from team players about other team
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