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Finding a restaurant that you like, with an attentive wait staff and delicious food, is only part of what makes up some of the Best Boston Restaurants. Diners in Boston have so many decadent options, that it may be difficult to choose which is right. With restaurants for every occasion, we will look at what elements of restaurants to look for. In this article we will examine the best way to determine a good restaurant. Areas of interest we will look into are location, parking, wait staff, menus, atmosphere and whether they are family/entertaining friendly. Some of the Best Boston Restaurants are those that are hard to find. Location is everything in creating a restaurant atmosphere. Restaurant owners must decide if they would like to be at street level with or without parking, or upstairs in a building. Many restaurants on the infamous Newbury Street are located at ground level or below. Some of the most charming spots on the street are below street level. Restaurants located above street level must be conscious of handicapped customers. Having an elevator, ramp or handicap lift is welcoming to customers who need it. Also when determining location, owners must be mindful of other establishments…show more content…
It then develops further with the décor, furniture and fixtures, and lighting. The décor of a restaurant is judged first by most customers. It should match customer’s expectations about the food and drink selection. For example, it may be a little jarring to see Chinese décor fixtures in an authentic Italian restaurant. Some of the best restaurants are those that do not take themselves too seriously and mix some fun elements into the décor. The furniture in a restaurant should also match the décor. As well as matching, it should be comfortable for customers. If someone is uncomfortable they are less likely to stay, eatFeature Articles, drink and enjoy

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