Process Essay: Discussing The Writing Process

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Brainstorming, writing an outline, writing the body, creating a title—there are numerous steps one can use in the writing process! This paper will discuss the writing process I use personally. When I write a paper, I follow four main steps: brainstorming, writing a rough draft, revising, and composing a final draft. Writing a paper can be a daunting task; therefore, when I write, the first thing I do is brainstorm. Because I normally have several ideas in my head, I find it extremely helpful to organize my ideas by documenting them on paper. Out of all the different methods of brainstorming, my personal favorite is the “idea tree” method which includes simply putting a central idea or term in the middle of a piece of paper and branching ideas off the central idea. One of the advantages of this technique is that, after I brainstorm using this method, my paper already…show more content…
This paper has discussed my personal writing process which includes brainstorming, constructing a rough draft, revising, and creating a final draft. Depending on the required length of the paper, I try to set aside enough time to complete this writing process comfortably with minimal stress. This time allotment can be anywhere from thirty minutes every day for two or three days to an hour per day for more than a week. I use this process in nearly all forms of writing; it is an incredibly versatile, flexible process due to its simplicity and practicality. Writing is an enjoyable activity for me due to the fact that it allows for so much individuality and creativity; therefore, it rarely generates anxiety or boredom in my life, rather, it is more of an agreeable pass-time. Although this writing process has worked well for me in the past and has proven to be helpful, I understand the importance of seeking new ways to create a more effective writing process, for learning to be a skillful writer is a lifelong
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