Process Essay: How Football Changed My Life

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Adrenaline, excitement, fans are just some of the things that people consider when thinking about football. People don't know the football field is 160 yards and is made of either real grass or turf the players only play on 100 of the yards. It takes a hard working determined person to play this game sometimes it takes away so much of your time but it can take you places you have never imagined. You can feel the adrenaline pumping through your body and can't feel the pain unless you get hurt bad even then you don't feel it until you get out of the game. During the game you lose track of time and when on the field all the screaming fans turn mute and invisible. Practice is the worst part of it all and every coach says it but you know all the…show more content…
Everyone on the team is your brother and with that is going to come fighting but you get through it. Football really changed my life without it i wouldn't have so much friends/brothers and wouldn't be in shape. This game gets you physically and mentally strong and I would probably be unhealthy and overweight if I never played. Many family members don't want you to play but because you have fell in love with it you can't stop. For example my grandparents think that there is something wrong with me because I keep playing football and i always get hurt. They think I like to hurt myself and that's why I play. I broke my hand freshman year on the second to last game and finished the season with it broken because I didn't want to get taken out. And I have hurt my lower back halfway during last years season but kept playing until the season was over I can explain why but you just forget about everything when playing the game. But getting hurt is one of the many thing you sign up for when playing football. People don't understand what it feels like to put in so much work and time into something and it all gets taken away because of one injury or not being able to
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