Process Essay: How To Be A Successful Advanced Student

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How To Be A Successful Advanced Student “Hey girl, you can’t practice today, you have to go to tutoring, to get your grades up.” Ugh, I wish I never took advanced classes. Hey, you just have to find a way to balance your time, I thought to myself. “Why are you still standing here get your butt to the library, I want you back on this court!” “I’m sorry coach see you later!” Being balanced is important because when you take advanced classes and participate in sports you have to be able to go to practice and get your homework finished. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices and give up things really important to focus on what’s more important. Along with being prepared and hardworking advanced students have to be balanced and have a good mindset. A good way to be a successful advanced student is by being balanced and having a good mindset. Being balanced doesn’t only have to deal with your academics it also has to deal with participating in sports (and, or) your social life. Having a good mindset doesn’t only have to do with coming to class ready to learn, but it also has to do with…show more content…
The true definition of balanced is arranged in good proportions. My definition of balanced is to divide my time into equal amounts so, I can get everything done. The true definition of mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone. Having a good mindset in my definition is to be positive, ready to learn, and being ready to change things you 're comfortable with. I fit the definition of being a successful advanced student because I hang out with friends, participate in sports, do chores and still find the time to get my work finished. Another way I am a successful advanced student is by coming to school with a positive attitude and ready to work. All of this shows good time management abilities because I don’t let the rest of my life interfere with my
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