Process Essay: How To Get A Dog

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Introduction: Having a dog of your own can be very irritating to others and yourself if the dog was never thought to be well behaved and disciplined. Dogs will never behave correctly if there was never any guidance or teachings involved. There are so many different ways that experts would show you on how to get your dog to obey and listen to you. I found it very difficult to understand because some of their teachings would work at some point and many of their teachings would not work at all. I would sometimes think to myself maybe I was the problem to the whole situation and not the experts that were trying to show me how to get my dog to respond to me correctly. I have then realized that if I have failed to get my dog to learn anything then the expertise of my teachers has also failed. I have never given up on my…show more content…
Letting your pet know who is really the boss and teaching your pet to respect you can help you reach this solid and firm relationship. Another way to get your pets full attention and respect is simply learning how to communicate clearly. Here are some examples that helped me gain my pets full attention and total respect. Example one: Always treat your pet the way you would like them to treat you. Animals also have feelings like you and me and they are able to sense if you are tampering with their feelings or not. Example two: There should only be one master or one boss per household that your pet should learn to trust. The whole reason why is because they can get very easily confused if there are to many different people trying to tell him or her what to do. Example three: You should always carry a few doggy snacks in your pocket when you are spending time with your animal. A dog needs to be rewarded every time he or she does something really well. Having a few doggy snacks in your pocket can be very handy when situations like that

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