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How to Train a Guard Dog?
If you have a pet dog who is amiable with all the people he meets including strangers and you want him to train to make him a guard dog then this article will help you a lot. Although most of the dogs can scare anyone with their bark and alert their owners at the same time but training them to become guard dogs can help you in times of emergency.
A well-trained dog will guard you at all the times and will also attack the person causing you harm. Training a dog to make him a guard dog has its own advantages and disadvantages. According to the US Army Field Manual FM-740, an attack dog cannot make friends with anyone but its primary handler. In this article, we will briefly describe ‘how to train a guard dog’ and the information you need to know in the process.
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3. If the training process of your dog in undergoing, it is better to post a sign at your home alerting the people who might not be threatening but are strangers to the dog. During the training, it may happen that your dog might hurt someone.
4. Guard dogs are more susceptible to sudden noise and fast movements, therefore, it is better not to leave a guard dog around children as it can be dangerous.
Training a guard dog is a challenging task. You need to be patient and consistent to train your dog. You need to understand that dogs are not computers in which you can feed information and they will act accordingly.
We would advise you to treat them like children and they will learn things quickly. Reward them for learning things and correct them if they behave wrongly. Be aware of your goal, analyze the things you want your dog to do and then train accordingly. A dog who is not treated well enough is a liability. We hope that we have provided you all the information related to the topic ‘how to train a guard dog’ and now you can easily train your dog.
For more information on the topic, you can refer to the video of a Dog Documentary about training a guard

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