Process Essay: Militaries Approach To Sexual Assault

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The military needs to understand the significant amount of sexual assaults and also stop putting all their effort in training about sexual assault by taking actions to prevent it such as reestablishing the role of leadership positions. In this paper I am describing the horrible issue sexual assault is in the military. I am describing how the militaries approach to sexual assault prevention is not solving the issue. I explored many topics when preparing to write my research paper. Initially I wanted to write about a health topic but my professor urged me to write about an issue in the military. I have been in the military for a little over two years so I have a lot of experience with issues in the military. I chose the issue of sexual assault because of how prevalent it is. I knew since of the large amount of training that I have received on this topic, I would easily be able to write about this topic.…show more content…
After I wrote my first draft, I had to go back to revise a lot of paragraphs and add to my ideas. Again, I feel that the in class peer review did not help very much. Most students do not take the peer reviews serious and only do the bear minimum when revising each others papers. I had my girlfriend and my mother proofread this paper for me and that helped me clear up the ideas. Also, reading the paper out loud helped me clear up my ideas and grammar.
For this topic, I wouldn’t have had to do much outside research. Through my military training, I have a lot of understanding of sexual assault. This paper did require four outside sources so I used all of the library databases to obtain these sources. Since sexual assault is such a huge issue, a ton of information is information available. Most of the sources that I used were written by college students that were experts in the topic. I also used a source that was an interview with an expert filmmaker that has done extensive research with sexual
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