Process Essay On Becoming A Lifeguard

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Summer jobs can range in various ways, from farming on family land to sacking groceries at the store. Starting high school, most students want to find a summer job that would be enjoyable for three months and that would pay fairly decent. Working as a lifeguard has it’s ups and downs, but in the end it 's an easy and fun summer job for teenagers. Moreover, lifeguarding teaches great skills to teenagers that they can later use to help them in life and build friendships with other guards that last a lifetime. The first step in becoming a lifeguard is the application process. The lifeguard job is appointed by the city, therefore the application and interview is held at City Hall. The application process is more competitive than sought out to be, because the job is seen as a lenient occupation which lazy high school students seem to desire. Prior job experience isn 't the most significant information on the application, the most important quality in an applicant is their ability to swim. The city normally hires between 13-15 lifeguards a year not including the manager and the assistant manager. First year applicants are given a part-time position with the pay of minimum wage. Past lifeguards that are re-hired, are given a 75 cent raise depending on their status of part or full-time guard. Overall, applying for a job that other numerous candidates are competing for can become nerve wrecking, but when finally obtaining the job the…show more content…
The training a lifeguard undergoes can accumulate mounds of stress, but in the long run, the training can save a life of a victim. Being a lifeguard comes with frequent pros and cons but all in all, lifeguarding is a great summer job for high school students. The schedule is also very flexible for guards with busy summer’s. Although pay in the beginning isn 't the best, as the summers continue the pay will increase. The skills one learns as a lifeguard are some that will stick with a guard forever and can apply to their everyday
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