Process Essay On Becoming A Soccer Player

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How to Succeed on Becoming a Soccer Player

Have you ever had the feeling that everybody made fun of you for tripping on a soccer ball because you didn't know how to handle it? Maybe because you missed missed a shot or it is hard for you to talk to your teammates on the field? Soccer is a worldwide sport that involves a rush of adrenaline. Many people don't want to engage on playing soccer because it requires many steps but the key of becoming a successful soccer player are tackling the basics which are dribbling , shooting and most importantly communication within the team. These are the most important techniques you have to learn . But this doesn't happen overnight. It takes hours and months to master these steps .“ Practice
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First you must position your body at roughly a forty-five degree from where you will be hitting or striking the ball in this case in the penalty box. Then comes the foot work. I have observed a majority of people when first coming into contact with a soccerball. Their instinct is to just kick the soccer ball with the point of their toe but you actually have to kick it with the inner side of your foot which is called a knuckle ball technique.It dosent matter the foot you kick with but it is your dominate foot you inicially use. Just like in the paragraph dribbling. You can kick the soccer ball in front of you as slow as you want then kick it as hard as you can. It really matters how do you kick the ball with your foot. You have to be very accurate of how you kick it. It really matters about your ankle , it plays the role of where in the field you want to kick it or pass it to. The ankle is one of the most important thing of how you kick a ball. The most important time you should know how to kick a ball is when their is a penalty. A penalty is when someone kicks you anywhere around your leg. But it has to be in the penalty box where the
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