Process Essay On Becoming An Immigrant

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Have you ever been forced to be somewhere where you know you don’t necessarily belong? Fortunately for most people, we are able and allowed to leave this situation whenever we please. Some people aren't as lucky. They are forced to live somewhere where they know they don't belong and these people are never truly happy. However, very few are given a tremendous opportunity to get to live somewhere where they know they will be happier. So many people want to leave their countries for a different country for many reasons, which may include more job opportunities or a safer environment. Because of this, the government is forced to be very selective on who they allow into our country. Nevertheless, is our country being too selective on who…show more content…
This process is very complex and takes a lot longer than gaining refugee status. First, it depends on if you have any family who are citizens of the U.S. or if you have any very special skills that would benefit our country (“How the United States Immigration System Works”). If you don’t have any family or special skills, you probably won't be able to gain a visa. After this, you must go through many steps including, submitting a petition and if this is approved, gathering all the forms necessary and filing them correctly and on time. After you have passed those steps, you must then prepare for an interview and if you pass this step, you are granted with a temporary visa and you have the option of later applying for citizenship (“The Immigrant Visa Process”). Thi whole process can take a very long time and many years of planning. Even when you do try to submit a petition for a visa, it depends on what country you are from because there are caps on the immigrants we allow from certain countries. For example, Mexico may only be allowed 200,000 people to be able to legally enter for a whole year and South Africa may be allowed 300,000. Certain countries definitely have more access to the United States because of political standings and agreements. This is very unfortunate because some people aren't given the same opportunities even if they might deserve it just as
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