Process Essay On Gun Ownership

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The processing of possessing a gun is becoming stricter days by days and it goes by the steps. Processing depends on state because each state has different ways of possessing guns. For example, New York State require Registration which is necessary under gun laws. Also, licensing of ownership and gun permit is required to carry gun. New York does not force to have waiting period prior to the purchase of a firearm. However, it may take up to six months to obtain a license to purchase a gun. At first, individual have to fill out the application which requires personal information such as fees, Photos, Birth Certificate, Proof of Citizenship or residency, Military Discharge, Arrest or Order of Protection Information, Proof of Business Ownership for gun business…show more content…
The application for a handgun license begins at the local police department where a background check and fingerprinting will be operated. Once the application approved, then, New York State Police Department requires personal references for consideration. Then, pick Up the License & Purchase Authorization, buy a Gun and at last you are free to use it with permit. Gun control laws sometimes create a direct ban on some types of guns, including Unregistered and illegal guns, hideded weapons, assault guns. There is restriction on owning or possessing guns who are Convicted criminal and aliens who are the people without documents.Nearly all states ban the use and possession of guns in a school or near school areas because it is dangerous for the students. The law on open carry gun in New York is very vague because Open carry in public is not legal in most areas in New York however, no law specifically bans open carry, a license to carry is issued to carry concealed as per penal law 400 which means pistol permit holders must carry concealed. Also, open carry policy contains many exceptions which include a prohibition on guns in some places that
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