Process Essay On Illegal Immigration

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Immigration is the foundation of the United States of America because we are known as the “Melting Pot”, comprised of people from many different countries. Immigration exists today, legally and illegally. Illegal immigration is the moving of people across national borders that violate immigration laws of that country by not having proper approval or application to enter the country. Illegal immigration is a growing problem that needs more attention by the federal government as people move from a poorer to a richer country. The current United States (US) immigration policy is a very complex system known as the Naturalization Act or INA. It allows 675,000 permanent immigrants to live or remain in the US. The process to become an American citizen is a very intricate process with only a few steps that are very time consuming. To begin the process, one must first determine eligibility or one can be eighteen years old and have been living in a permanent residence in the United States for five years alone or three years if married to an American…show more content…
To fully answer the question, the US should have full control over who comes in and out of the US and know the true current status. We need to know actually how many illegal immigrants are in the US. At best guess, there is roughly 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants in the US presently and 5.1% of our labor forces are illegal immigrants. There are too many illegal immigrants and they will take American citizens’ jobs and housing areas resulting in a better advantage in life than a US citizen that has not violated any laws. The illegal immigrants are also not paying any taxes or into social security. To look at the opposing person 's shoes or an illegal immigrant, they entered to US seeking a better life and want to be able to stay in the US to ensure safety for their family and a good education and opportunities for the children, just like any other citizen in the United
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