Process Essay: Passing, Cradling, Ground Ball

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Passing, cradling, ground balls, and taking the draw are all very important parts of lacrosse. When one passes the dominant hand is on the top, near the head of the stick and the non dominant hand on the bottom near the butt of the stick. When one aims, one must point the butt of the stick to where he/she wants the ball to land. After one is set up, the player must take the top hand and flick the top part of the stick until the player’s arm is at a 100 degree angle. Keep practicing this method, until it goes to where the player is aiming, about 5 times. After one knows how to throw, it is also important for one to know how to catch. When one is ready to catch the ball, the stick is on the player’s dominant side, in front of the person who is catching it. When the ball is in air run to the ball, but move one step toward the opposite side of the ball so that way it goes into the player's stick instead of hitting the player. When the ball is in the stick, sink the stick on to…show more content…
When one cradles the dominant hand goes on the top near the head of the stick and the bottom hand in the middle. Take the stick and make the ball face one’s ear on the player's dominant side. Then make sure the ball is facing one’s face and bring it to one’s other ear. Keep repeating this method, when it feels right try running while cradling. If the ball falls out check if the ball is facing one the whole time, and that it is going from ear to ear.

Ground balls are very important, because in the game the ball is on the ground a lot. When the ball is on the ground someone will say “ball down!” and when one scoops up the ball someone the player who scoops it up says, “got ball!” When one does a ground ball he or she will go to the side of the ball, bend down, then scoop the stick under the ball like a shovel, then pull the stick up. Keep repeating this until one scoops up the ball about 5

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