Process Essay: Why It Is Important To Clean Your Car

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Why is it important to only clean your car with automotive cloths and cleaning gear? Most individuals take a great deal of pride into owning a car and for this reason they take a lot of care into cleaning it. Many people however, end up dulling their cars shine by not properly keeping it clean. Not using the proper cloth to clean the exterior of your car can not only dull the shine but can also leave tiny scratches on the paint job. Using designated automotive cloths to clean your car can help to not only keep your car looking and running like new but can keep a high price tag on it. There are also a number of interior gears that need to have a little extra attention given to them so they say it good shape and this can range from the seat, steering wheel and gear shifts. Properly Cleaning Your Car: You want to take extra care when cleaning your care and use only product that are safe for not on the surface pain on the exterior but also for the gears that will keep your car running smoothly. You can easily restore the look of your care by giving it a proper a thorough…show more content…
Most often the interior of your car will be mostly leather and this can quickly fade and crack making the interior of your car less attractive than the outside. To clean the leather areas of your car you will want to to use a leather cleaning product. Use an automotive cleaning cloth again to clean the leather areas of your car which will give your leather a deeper clean that commonly used cotton rags or cleaning cloths. When cleaning the leather areas you do not want to scrub the material because this can result in wear out the color, this is why automotive cloths are so useful for cleaning the interior of your car. These cloths effectively clean away the build up on your steering wheel, seat and gear shift without actually having to do much

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