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Evaluate the process of Constitution making in USA and the Events that led to the making of Constitution from 1775-onwards
Constitution is the set of basic principles through which a state or other organization is recognized to be ruled. So it's basically a supreme law and it may be in written form or may be in unwritten form. Constitution of any state defines the rules upon which the state is based, the method in which laws are based and by whom. So different sovereign states have different constitutions having histories of evolutions and making.
The process of Constitution making in US:
The Constitution of US came 200 years ago and it's the highest law of US. It was created and signed by the representatives to the constitutional
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After an in-depth debate there established three branches Executive, Legislative and Judicial. System of Check and Balance was also introduced.
To resolve the issue related to the representation in national legislature a bicameral legislature was proposed in which House of Representatives (lower house) was given equivalent representation and equal representation was given in Senate (Upper house).
Official acceptance of the Constitution:
On September 1787, first the final draft of constitution was made and then George Washington was the first who sign the document as he becomes the first president in 1789. To become Constitution a law, it was need to ratify by 9 states and in 1788 a new Hampshire become ninth state to officially recognize the constitution and government under the US constitution began on March 4, 1789, gradually the Constitution was ratified by many other US states and in 1970 the US Supreme court hold it's first session.
Bill of Rights 1789:
In 1789, nineteen amendments were introduced, Congress embraced 12 of them and send other states for official recognition and among them there were 10 amendments known as Bill of Rights, which were become part of constitution in
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