Deforestation In Brazil

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Introduction: Throughout our history as human beings living on this planet we have, right throughout our history, exploited the planet’s natural resources where possible for the benefit of ourselves. Unfortunately, it is often the case that through our exploitation of the Earth’s resources we can leave a permanent trail of destruction behind us. The process that I will examine is the process of deforestation which can be defined as the clearing of forestlands for agriculture and other land-uses such as settlements, mining and other infrastructure, FAO (2010). People have carried out deforestation for centuries in order to use both the wood for building and burning etc. as well clearing the landscape for the purpose of agriculture.
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The Brazilian Amazon covers approximately 59% of Brazil’s land and is unmatched in terms of resource supply and biodiversity. The Amazon is losing more of its forests at a higher rate than anywhere else in the world. Approximately 1.5 million hectares of forests are cut down each year for timber (Asner et al). Deforestation in Brazil was started mainly by ranchers, large farmers and logging companies. Deforestation on a large scale began in the Brazilian Amazon during the 1970s and grew as an industry steadily until the country’s recession from the late 1980s up until 1991. A peak in deforestation again in 1995 was due to a rise in the economy. In Brazil’s case economic stability and employment is crucial in terms of controlling…show more content…
It loses its ability to soak up water and preventing flooding. The recycling of water in the Amazon also decreases with deforestation. Given the Amazon’s hugely significant contribution to the world’s biodiversity the deforestation of it would have a great impact globally. The Amazon has an incredible capacity to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. It also contributes to approximately a fifth of the world’s oxygen (Butler, R. 2008). The significance in the Amazon’s contribution to the atmosphere is evident in the fact that it is often referred to as ‘the lungs of the
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