Process Of Online Shopping

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Online shopping is the act of buying goods and making purchases done on the internet. It has been around for quite some time and has been gaining popularity among Bruneians. We chose online shopping as the main focus of this assignment because we wanted to find out the system working behind online shopping. One difficulty we faced in completing this assignment was that we could not find many participants that have experience in online shopping to be interviewed.

This assignment consists of report writing and video making. Miss Nurshazlin binti Samrah and Miss Nurulizzatulaini binti Zaini teamed up to complete this assignment. Miss Nurshazlin takes part in video editing and she is the camerawoman behind the video making. Miss Nurulizzatulaini
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People choose online shopping because they believe it is efficient in time. You do not need to be physically present at a destination to buy the items. You can make purchases anywhere given that you have connection to the internet. People also believe that online sellers and merchants give low competitive prices compared to vendors at a shop. It also gives customer the opportunity to purchase items that cannot be found sold anywhere in their countries. Other than that, your items will be delivered to you instead of having to carry them and bringing them home.


The procedure of online shopping consist of choosing the items, paying for the items and shipment of items to the customer.

From the interviews done, it was revealed that there are many online shopping websites. Some of them are Zalora, eBay and AliExpress. Zalora ( provides many choices of clothing for men and women while eBay ( has different categories of items sold such as electronic, clothing, home furniture and even food. They are sold in wide range of types, by different sellers from all over the
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Some online shopping websites and online sellers provide return purchase service where your items are either replaced or your money will be refunded, if you find your items to be unsatisfactory.

It can be concluded that there are many online shopping websites accessible providing different items to suit your needs. Despite having a couple of difficulties and problem when online shopping, it has made itself full of advantages as it saves time and money. Most items are now accessible through online shopping.

This assignment has given us the opportunity to work with each other and overcome incoming problem. Technical difficulty was faced due to camera broke down while interviewing. Despite the difficulty, we managed to complete the assignment and learn the importance of team work. We also learn more on online shopping and the system working behind
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