Recruitment Process And Job Analysis

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The effectiveness of recruitment process leads to maximum extent. Recruitment is the process of attracting and selecting capable applicants for the right employment (Kumari, 2012). The importance of diversity should be taken into account at each stage of the recruitment process to ensure the hidden bias is removed and the most integrated applicant is not being blocked from entering and organization. Hence, it is a vital activity and those who involved in the recruitment process have to equip with the appropriate knowledge and skills. In order to increase the efficiency of recruitment, it is recommended that following steps are followed by the organization. Hence, selected people will enrich the organization with their experience and diversity…show more content…
Job analysis is a primary tool to collect job related data which provide in detail the particular job description and specification. In general, job description explains on what job is about, specify who supervises the position and lays out all the tasks that a person is expected to perform in the organization. It provides the standard or benchmark by which employee can be evaluated, recognized for exemplary work or improve their performance. There are three parts of preparing job description which is choosing the job title, developing a list of specific duties and responsibilities that particular position require and composing a capsule description of that position in organization. Job specification is a written statement of educational qualifications, specific qualities, level of experience, technical and communication skills, physical and responsibility involved in a specific job. The purpose of job specification is to describe on the basis of job description as it helps individual to analyse whether are eligible to apply for a particular job vacancy or not. All in all, both data are extremely relevant for creating a right fit between job and talent, evaluate performance and measure the worth of a particular job for that particular…show more content…
The objectives of the short listings is to find out the candidates who are most likely have the ability to do the duties well and decide to invite them to continue further through the selection process. This process is carried out by a group of members called selection panel and led by a chairperson. Normally, short listings should accomplish as soon as possible after the closing day for receipt the applicants. After collecting all the applications, the applicants are reviewed. The applicants are not assessed on the grounds of races, age, religion, gender and so on. Besides, internal applicants must be treated equally like external applicants by using the same ranking system. The short listings must be a fair system. It is better if every application analysed by at least two people to prevent person specification criteria. In addition, it is easier to carry out the short listings if a set of scoring system or criteria are listed according to the person specification. After all applicants are reviewed, the chairman of the selection panel will call for a meeting to discuss and decide the final shortlist. In this meeting, all members should agree the final shortlist to make sure that the most suitable applicants are selected. Then, the chairperson informs the applicants who are final short-listed to invite them for the next step,

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