Process Of Reflection In Nursing

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Reflection The reflection process for NUR 445 allows me an opportunity to reevaluate my current understanding of nursing and the new principals learned in the class. This paper will examine the process of retrieval, appraisal, and synthesis of evidence in collaboration with other members of the healthcare team to improve patient outcomes. The paper will also inspect importance of reflection to advancing practice and improving outcomes of care and assess the values the need for continuous improvement in clinical practice based on new knowledge. Next the paper will recognizes personal capabilities, knowledge base, and areas for development and Integrate evidence, clinical judgment, interprofessional perspectives, and patient preferences in planning, implementing, and evaluating outcomes of care. Finally, the paper will examine new values, ideas and interventions to improve patient care. In looking at the process of retrieval, appraisal, synthesis of evidence in collaboration and working with other members of the healthcare team to improve patient outcomes, I found the class gave me more insight into how other departments, team members and agencies work. Knowing how things work, who is involved and what are to expect makes…show more content…
Self-assessment is a tool I am familiar with and something I use every day. I have used it in past employment and throughout school and will continue to do so as I move forward in healthcare. The tool itself has allowed me to look back and contemplate alternative outcomes which have helped me to ascertain whether the right decision was made. Reflection is a tool that when used correctly, will benefit care and the patient. Looking back at decisions made while applying what has been newly learned is key to providing professional and competent patient
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