Process Recording Reflection

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This process recording will reflect the establishment of building trust and rapport with a new client. This client is an African American male, veteran, 94, and is diagnosed with terminal cancer.
The purpose of this session was to offer client support and companionship. The intent of this session was to gain the patient trust through conversation and completing activities together. During this session the student brought over a few coloring pictures to see if he would enjoy creating a new colorful photo. When presented with this idea the client stated that he had not thought about coloring pictures in a long time. The student reassured him that coloring pictures could be therapeutic and he agreed to participate.
This session begin with the student asking the client about his week and he explained that everything had been going well. He was excited to inform the student about his reimbursement he will be receiving from the Veterans Hospital (VA Hospital) due to overpayment of a dental bill. In our initial, meeting he begin to tell the student about the difficulties his was experiencing with
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In return, this has been a battle that he struggles with because in conversation he often refers to strolling down memory lane. He seems to be lonely, therefore his son has moved back home to assist with caring for his father. Although, he has been diagnosed with cancer, he is still mental capable to make decision regarding his finances and health. As the student, when he began to disclose the nature of his two relationships the only thing I could do was to listen and let him reflect his true feelings. Through this experience we are beginning to establish trust and build a relationship. For the next session, we plan to complete coloring pictures and start working on a 300 piece puzzle. I will also continue to learn more about this client and engage in more life review with

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