Proclamation Of 1763 Essay

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To prove that the British forced the colonists to commit to the republican value. Colonial resistance increased between the time period of 1763 and 1776 because of policies that were imposed on America, stirrings of revolt and the Coercive Acts that finally committed the colonist to find for their independence. During the year of 1763, frontiersmen from English colonies quickly began move over the mountains and into tribal lands in the upper Ohio Valley after the defeat of the French. The British feared that escalation would disrupt and threaten their western trade in order for that not to happen the Proclamation of 1763 was made. The Proclamation of 1763 forbade settlers to advance beyond the Appalachian Mountains. The Proclamation was ineffective…show more content…
The effect of the Stamp Act crisis was the Virginia Resolves which stated that anyone who approved the taxation of Virginia was an enemy of the colony. The British government also imposed their troops onto the colonists’ lands, placing four regiments of regular troops in the city. The troops often looked for jobs during off-duty in which created competition for the locals. The effect of this was the Boston Massacre which was British troops shooting into a crowd of Boston laborers. In the perspective of the colonists, the British comes in and tries to take what is theirs, imposes taxes for a war the colonists didn’t even ask Britain to interfere with, sends their troops which the colonist has to maintain and care for even though their taking their jobs thus, leaving little to no jobs left for the locals, then after getting fed up with the fact that Britain is controlling a land that isn’t theirs, they protest in which causes the same British troops that took their jobs and to enter their homes to shoot into a crowd that was weaponless. The Boston Massacre finally gave the colonist a philosophy to revolt based on the idea of Republicanism which is the principals or theory of republican
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