Procrastination Argumentative Analysis

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The brain 's decision making process is a constant tug-of-war. A war between our limbic system and our prefrontal cortex. The limbic system wants to follow the most stimulating and fun route, the prefrontal cortex takes in all information and makes rational decisions. We struggle inside between focusing on our priorities, and having fun. Consequently, we have to stay focused and consciously make our own choices, or else our brain will go into pilot mode and follow the easiest, and most desirable way. An example would be someone trying to work on a project, unless they pay close attention to what they are doing, it is easy to end up grabbing their phone without even thinking about it and become distracted by Face Book, YouTube, games, or whatever else the usually do.…show more content…
I agree with this, self-control is necessary in order to put priorities over wants. Alena Hall writes this in her article, “A lack of self-control causes procrastinators to have problems when it comes to finishing tasks -- even some of the most simple and basic ones” (Hall, 2014). I would even say that the lack of self-control is the cause of procrastination in many cases. However if a person doesn 't feel adequately equipped for a job, or if they are scared of failure, the same results may ensue. Likewise, part of my struggle with procrastination is because I’m a perfectionist. I have a hard time starting projects or doing tasks unless I feel like I know exactly how they are supposed to be
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