Procrastination By Dan Ariely

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Problems with self-discipline are a topical problem in our world of consumerism, and such irrational behavior makes people regretful for spending their time and money inefficiently and futilely. That is why addressing such a deep-rooted issue definitely adds new dimensions in considering and solving it. In his chapter, Ariely attempts to define the notion of procrastination and examine the reasons why people fail to exercise self-control as well as propose some solutions for correcting such defects in real-life situations. The author starts his chapter off by providing examples of our familiar habits, both at national (for instance, not saving money) and personal (for instance, not keeping a diet) levels, which divert us from our long-term goals and then strengthening his stance on this topic with the aid of rhetoric questions for appealing to our feelings and provoking thoughts. By using practical cases from life and making experiments on MIT students, Dan Ariely reaches apparently sound conclusions about not just the term, but also the nature of procrastination. It is of great importance for such inferences to be of empirical basis because it should both have many applications in real life and be understandable for all readers, which is the way author tries to approach the issue. Out of the experiment conducted on the MIT students, the author apparently managed to introduce new aspects for consideration and derive conclusions the applications of which will be told in

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