Procrastination By John Ramton's Attention

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Procrastination Can people achieve success through procrastination? Is Procrastination a good thing to do? People may have different opinions about that however John Rampton, the writer, has his own opinion and he is trying convince us with it throughout the article. He talks about procrastination in different ways. First of all, john begins with an important point about whether procrastination is bad or not, how people and different civilizations throughout the history thought about it and how many famous well known people procrastinate. After that, he mentions the scientific reasons for why people procrastinate in the first place. Finally, he states the benefits for procrastination according to his opinion. Although he writes about the idea in an awesome way( from every aspect) i agree and don’t agree with some points. I agree with him on why people procrastinate and how procrastinating can damage those people, however, I also disagree with some of the so called(by him) benefits for procrastination and with the way he tried to convince the readers with his ideas using fallacies, false assumptions and weak evidence. John says that if you don’t like something, you will procrastinate to not do it and I can’t agree more with that because no one will be able something that he has no desire for or without being passionate about it, even if he manages to do it somehow it won’t be perfectly done. So to cut it short, people procrastinate when they have unpleasant tasks to do."This
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