Procrastination Effects

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The Effects Of Procrastination Were you ever assigned a project in which you decided to do it on the last day? If you have, you probably left it for something more entertaining. This process is called procrastination, which is the act of delaying or postponing something. Procrastination is very common along the ages of middle school until college, in which 95% of student stall their work during their academic life. Procrastination has a big effect onto your work by lowering its quality which can turn into a long term effect upon your life, unless you work towards its solution. Procrastination has many different aspects which can affect your life, such as an emotional, physical, mental, relationships, your career, and the quality of your life. The most common parts of your life that are affected when temporizing your work are stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, frustration and more. The most common aspects affected through procrastination are your mental…show more content…
Most solutions of procrastination have to do with being optimistic and having a positive motivation which will affect your point of view of assignments. One solution is to remind yourself of the satisfying feeling of completion, allowing your mind to relax as you can take your time to finish your projects. Another way to avoid procrastinating is to know the effect it has upon your health. Due to studies on chronic procrastination, it has been proven that stalling your work makes you vulnerable towards serious health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. This proves my point because if you make your mind perceive a positive outlook onto your work and completely understand how procrastination has a negative effect on your life, it will gradually decrease the want to stall your work which will undo all the problems which are a result of delaying your
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