Gone With The Wind Argumentative Essay

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"I can 't think about that right now. If I do, I 'll go crazy. I 'll think about that tomorrow,” said Margareth Mitchell in her 1936 novel, Gone with the Wind. This saying can represent what actually all of the procrastinators out there experience and do if they stumble on some kind of situations dealing with responsibilities and time. Not getting things done, feeling like there will be some times to perform duties until there is not enough time, and being distracted from the important tasks are the common situations procrastinators have on a regular daily basis. The Chinese proverb even says, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” This saying wants to point out how the act of putting things off robs us the opportunity to accomplish everything. In the other words, if we lose our time, it will lose forever. In the real situation, It may be us who experience the beauty of what time brings to us has been stolen…show more content…
People will always have different viewpoints towards life, and it can be affected by his/her experiences, knowledges, surroundings, and their own thoughts. The main problem is when people are affected by the wrong sources or persons. They will stick to these wrong things, have the wrong perspective towards different parts of life, and the result is when their perspectives are applied through their actions. Dealing with tasks and responsibilities is two of many parts of people 's challenges when they are a procrastinator. The perspective towards this kind of responsibility has to be changed by transforming our perspectives towards procrastinating in order to affect our actions better. We have to add more positive thoughts such as: If I am mature enough, I will not do this kind of wrong thing; Procrastination should be my enemy, no matter what; If this task can be done earlier, then why should I goof off? Let 's get this

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