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“Inside The Mind of a Procrastinator” by Tim Urban Many people have a tendency to procrastinate. This habit can be exacerbated by social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Wikipedia. In Tim Urban’s Ted Talk, “Inside the Mind of a Procrastinator,” Urban uses funny animations and instances from his own life with the intention to portray how the mind works and feels when we are in procrastination mode in order to help us all kick this nasty habit. Using cartoon-like analogies, Urban explains that in the brain of a procrastinator there is a rational decision maker, which he portrays as a human in his cartoons, and an instant gratification monkey, which he portrays as a monkey. The rational decision maker is the part of your brain that…show more content…
First, he associates himself by explaining that he knows procrastination is bad, and we should start ahead of time for all important assignments and split up the work evenly throughout the time given for that assignment. However, he can’t stop doing it; it is just a habit that he has become used to over the course of his life. Second, he draws simple pictures to represent parts of the brain as a way to help the audience understand his point better. Third, he uses comedy since laughter is universally known as a way to get an audience’s attention. He specifically uses jokes that make fun of himself and the general struggle with procrastination. Many techniques were used that caught the audience’s attention and kept them interested,like examples from Urban’s own life and comedy. These techniques also helped motivate and inspire greatness from the audience by showing that procrastination can have a range of real and negative effects which should make an audience want to work harder, and look at the bigger picture to realize we are working for a reason. I gained a greater understanding of how the brain works and how working hard with little to no procrastination can have a great effect on work habits and help achieve greater
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