Procrastination Swot Analysis

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Subject number 1(Angela Norwood) strongly dislikes procrastination and feels like procrastinators are not dumb, they are just simply lazy. Subject number 1 stated “procrastination is irresponsible and everyone says they do not have time but you make time for things that are important.” Therefore she feels if you are procrastinating on an assignment then it’s not that important to you.” She feels that people who procrastinate are not dumb they just have a bad habit they need to get rid of. She has procrastinated before but very rarely. Angela Norwood stated “I procrastinated on a portfolio my junior year in high school for journalism. I procrastinated because I felt like it was so easy. She gave us 6 weeks to complete it and I attempted to complete it 4 days before it was due and I suffered miserably. I waited until the last minute because I…show more content…
She feels that people who procrastinate are not dumb they just are lazy. She procrastinates all the time and she wishes she did not. Ayanna stated, “I procrastinate on homework assignments a lot. I procrastinated on homework assignments because I never felt like getting on to check and I would try to get the answers from other people. She wants to get rid of her problem with procrastinating. She also makes excuses when it comes time to do her work. She does not get anxiety when it comes time for completing essays. She feels that she is an excellent writer and does not procrastinate on essays. She also does not make excuses to get out of bothersome duties and the prospect of failing bothers her. She gets frustrated on certain assignments depending on what the subject is or the task of the assignment. When I asked her how she feels about deadlines she stated that “There should not be any deadlines, students should be able to turn in assignments whenever they get finished with them”. She also keeps a planner to stay on
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