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The second pillar that Procter and Gamble has had great success with is the idea of enterprise-wide analytics. Procter and Gamble’s Global Business Services consists of analysts from various internal functions that come together and consolidate their vast expertise and the company’s extensive pool of data to determine what issues are in need of addressing first. This is an aspect of the company that has improved greatly over the past decade; before, key analysts within the company were spread out through their own departments making it difficult for upper management to fully utilize their knowledge.
Large-scale ambition and distinctive capability, the final two pillars, are certainly not aspects of Procter and Gamble’s analytical competitiveness that should be ignored. Procter and Gamble’s large-scale ambition is very much analytically based as the company relies heavily on the knowledge and insight gained from its consumer data to stay ahead of changing trends. Since the 1990’s the company
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Investment plays a major role in the way that Procter and Gamble competes analytically. According to an article published in the Harvard Business Review, Every year the company invests a minimum of $400 million on just one aspect of external processes: consumer research. Through this research data for potential innovations is obtained from over 5 million consumers through around 20,000 studies, surveys or interviews.
Investing in research will not only give Procter and Gamble a better understanding of their customers’ purchase habits, but it will also allow the company to improve its customer relationship management platform. Increasing the lifespan of each customer, to ideally be lifelong, is the goal of Procter and Gamble. To determine if their new CRM platform is effective, Procter and Gamble works with Teradata track customer engagement and take note of consumer characteristics. Procurement for

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