Procter And Gamble Case

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CHAPTER 3: Discussion

3.1 CASE: Study on Crisis Management from the SK-II case in China.
Procter and Gamble (P&G) company is a big multinational corporation and was established since 1837. As a big company, they should know how deal with this kind crisis professionally. Unfortunately, P&G did not handle the crisis the way other multinational corporation did. In my opinion, P&G did not have solution that will solve the problem effectively. Firstly, P&G did not apologize to the consumers publicly and admits their faults. Actually, consumers in China they did not really want their money back or refunds but there are more concern in the way P&G showing the concern to them. As big company, P&G do not showing how much the consumers are important
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Rather than Crest brand they also have so many others co-branding which to focus in overall to sustain their sales in marketplace and put much initiative to lead in the market and win consumer heart. But they are still surviving in their toothpaste market when Colgate sustain first place in this market. In consumer view, P&G is leading company the household market and Colgate-Palmolive is the leading company for toothpaste market. It might difficult to change their mindset of consumers and will take time to them to erase this mindset from consumer. For example, if we chose Crest, we have chosen a strong household brand, but only the second-favorite household toothpaste. Truth be told, Colgate is America 's favorite toothpaste…show more content…
But they also do some alteration in terms of innovative for some products, marketing strategies, satisfying customer and coordination in the brand line extensions. Their household and toothpaste industries are considered highly competitive with considerable substitutes for most products on the market. In such a climate companies must be able to differentiate themselves and build customer loyalty by providing outstanding service and providing new, innovative products and branding to the everyday customers and compete their strong competitors.In addition, sustainability is about ensuring a better quality of life today, for people and our planet. It is about delighting consumers with innovative products and services. Crest does not use celebrities or sports stars to advertise their products over the television or any other means of promotion. It only uses decorative models whose smiles are beautiful to show the consumers that even 'regular ' people can have a great smile as well after using crest products. But as a consumer, I suggest that they should do advertise by using celebrities where they promote their brands all over the world and people will be attracted by their favorite celebrities and it might insist people to buy the product. They also should expand their market in other segments or industries also. As we knows, P&G is number one brand for household products but they also should

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