Procter And Gamble Strategy

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Assignment [name] [date] Introduction: Marketing is an important aspect of a company as it increases the competitive stance of the said firms in the industry where it tends to operate. For this paper, the marketing of Procter and Gamble will be thoroughly discussed. Rainey (2008) defined marketing as a discipline of proper identification of a target market, discovery of the needs and wants of the target market and the development and execution of a plan to establish a different and relevant product or service. It usually involves various processes and set of instructions for the formation, statement, release, and trade of product or service ideas to clients, customers, shareholders within the industry…show more content…
P& G must be able to expand their market through innovating and expanding the distribution of the ice cream products to other countries. This expansion provides additional opportunity to increase sales of the company. Threats in P&G Like any other global company, the major threats are the major competitors that have increased their sales overtime. Another threat is the changing preferences of the consumers which pressures the product in the said market. These threats would hinder the success and development of the firm and can impede the intended goals of the firm. In this note, P&G should be able to increase its capability to compete and increase its profitability to stay attune in the market trend. This includes adopting firm strategies especially on industries in household products wherein customer preferences continues to change as there are aspects of products that needs to be improved. To avoid such problems and threats, a thorough research and development should be made to increase the competency of the product and should be flexible enough within the market. Market…show more content…
The plan intends to help the company introduce their brands to the people that it is not only a brand which aims profit but also a brand that seeks to help. Somehow application of plan also involves changing the face of the product and making it more marketable within the market where it operates. Another vital reason why a company is more enthusiastic to adopt a plan it can that it can improve its financial performance and may create a profitable outcome from this venture. However, the marketing plan can also be because of applying a new technology that would make the operations of the business more effective and efficient. The said plan includes the following

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