Case Study: Proctor And Gamble Appreciation Of Employees

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Proctor and Gamble Appreciation of Employees Proctor and Gamble (P&G) managers unequivocally agree that at the heart of any business is its mission and human resource. P&G employees are valuable because it is their abilities that keep the global organization running. P&G’s mission is to define human resources - its purpose and the reason for its existence. P&G follow strict policies on how to treat employees. The efforts add value the company and have unsurpassed impacts on it 's global perform. P&G 's code of conduct addresses satisfying, motivated and loyal employees that represent the basis of a global leader. The development of employee satisfaction is essential in the increased productivity, quality and higher number of innovated products. P&G 's employee motivation are base on appealing to built-in drives rather than using outside threats and rewards. Satisfied employees form optimistic reference to P&G and increase its…show more content…
P&G open culture has an increasing number of men are deciding to reduce their hours to less than four days a week when they have children. A balance work life is supposed to exist when there is a proper functioning at work and home with a minimum of role conflict. Therefore, P&G confirms the fact that people entering the workforce today are emphasizing the importance of work-life balance more than their predecessors. In spite of this, the degree to which this balance is far likely to be achieved than what they desire. P&G work-life balance is about creating and maintaining understanding and healthy work environments, which will allow employees to have balance concerning work and individual responsibilities, thus strengthening employee loyalty and
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