Proctor And Gamble Value Chain Model

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Introduction The Proctor and Gamble also known as P&G is a multinational consumer goods company headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. It was first established in 1837 as a partnership business by two brother-in-law William Proctor who came from England and James Gamble from Ireland. With the increase of demand, the company began to innovate new products, they brought in new variety of soaps, hair care products, laundry and other home needs. Exclusive brands are Pampers, Olay, Tide and Pantene for P&G. These brands has become the favorite of several households. Today they operate in four industry based sectors, they are 1) Baby, Feminine and Family Care. 2) Beauty. 3) Fabric and Home care. 4) Health and Grooming. They are backed up with more than 80000 suppliers where they provide raw materials, logistic services, packaging, research and IT services and other support services. In this essay for analyzing the contents Porter’s Diamond model and Porters value chain tools being used in home country and supplier country respectively. Porter’s Diamond model explains through a diagram a set of competitive advantage as the basis for explaining the trade patterns between different countries. Porter’s value chain explains the activities taking place in a business and also it identifies the best activities which are to be outsourced. Home Country P&G functions around the globe across 180 countries and their own operations extends to 80 countries, P&G being a corporate

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