Prodigal Summer Summary

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Joyce Campton Brown in his Review on Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver published by journal of Appalachian (2001) studies says “Kingsolver message is straightforward an ethical approach of life is grounded recognizing and adding on a sense of holistic ecology.” And he adds that through her themes she brings the concept of interconnectedness of all things and her novels focuses on the journey of women and the burdens they carry in saving themselves and others. Three stories in the novel are wrapped in motifs of motherhood protection and community of earth. He also mentions about the man carrying gun stands silently found in both the beginning and the end. She concludes “Prodigal summer is cause for celebration…In offering her story of hope. Kingsolver allow us to recognize our oneness not only with our human neighbor but with coyote and the woods beetle.”
Suzzane W. Jones in her article The Southern Family Farm as Endangered Species: Possibilities for survival in Barbara Kingsolver’s “Prodigal Summer” published in the Southern Literary Journal (2006) has deeply analyzed points out “Barbara Kingsolver’s larger point is as much ecological as it is agricultural. She uses principles of ecology to question and to illuminate human behavior, and not just the Widener’s family actions but Lusa’s own.” And she adds “Throughout Prodigal Summer Kingsolver is at pains to point out that some things in life can be known from experience, without the abstract knowledge of scientific
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